Jehovas Zeugen – Die „Organisation Gottes“ hat ausgedient, ist tot und wird bald umkippen

Die „Organisation Gottes“ hat ausgedient, ist tot und wird bald umkippen. Es wird Zeit, denn sie haben Jesus nie gedient! Don Adams ist aktiver Zeuge Jehovas im Verlagskomitee, dies bestätigt eine Suche auf Schuldig wegen Steuerhinterziehung? Wenn das alles stimmt, steht die Wachtturm-Organisation mit einem Bein bereits im Knast. Jetzt können sie sich nicht mehr rausreden, sie hätten von all dem nichts gewusst, so wie vor der Royal Commission in Australien!

 Don Adams ist aktiver Zeuge Jehovas im Verlagskomitee Steuerhinterziehung Jehovas Wahrheiten jetzt! Jehovas Zeugen - Die "Organisation Gottes" hat ausgedient, ist tot und wird bald umkippen


1. [14:49] WT operate primarily out of california cause don adams is related to people in the [14:49] san carlos congregation he has a neice or cousin who attends there [14:50] the surveillance expert they use to spy on jehovahs witnesses is named [14:50] bruce raditich [14:50] he owns a surveillance company and he is used to tap phones and spy on jw’s who seem to be trouble makers [14:50] he resides in sunnyvale, california [14:51] he is an ex cop who went private and started his own surveillance company [14:51] the RBC which is the regional building committee [14:55] usually when they launder its large chunks of money [14:55] we found a deposit of 200,000 dollars made into wells fargo bank [14:55] <Anonymous> I saw a mill on one of there hedg funds [14:55] that then was transferred into the account of the japanese congregation days later then it just vanished [14:56] yeah the hedge funds are into the millions but when they launder on a congregation level its usually in excess of [14:56] 150,000 dollars [14:56] the money goes into the accounts its held for a bit then vanishes [14:57] <Anonymous> Who do you think takes it? [14:57] which is why we subpoenaed the bank records only to find out a ton of jehovah witnesses work inside wells fargo bank and they worked their asses off to prevent us from getting [14:57] the info [14:57] under subpoena [14:57] it is my understanding it goes back to the watchtower [14:57] see it works like this [14:57] they send the money to a congregation in some location [14:58] they say its a gift so they don’t have to report it as taxible [14:58] then after the audit they require the congregation to transfer the money back to the watchtower [14:58] from there it goes into hedge funds [14:58] and other places [14:58] i have been on the money trail for ten months [14:59] but to pull this off they have to have congregations in various locations [14:59] that way they can spread it out [14:59] and if all congregations are required to only bank in certain banking institutions it appears to be nothing more then an interbank transfer [15:00] and those do not alert the fdic or any governmental agencies [15:00] as long as they all bank at the same bank say for example chase bank … „